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Since 2015

Lomo  Foundation History

It started in 2015 with one child, John Laurent who was not able to go to school because his parents were not able to pay for his school fees.
By then Lomo foundation was not registered but we carry on with supporting different children who were struggling with their school fees.
As for current we have supported more than 10 different students with their school school fees.
We are also supporting an Orphanage centre in Arusha with food supplies and other necessities in life.

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Sponsored Students

John Mathias Laurence

John is originally from Singida. He was a student at Mwangeza Secondary school at Singida from form I to form II. He became sick when he was in form 2, when he recovered his father could not take him back to school. Then he met the director of Lomo Tanzania Safari and has been receiving since then. John joined Muriet Secondary school from form 2 and finished form four, and six student at Peace House High school.

John has shown a good progress since we enrolled him in our program. He has good leadership skills which made his fellow students and the school management to elect him as the president of the school. Lomo Tanzania Safari and Lomo Foundation is proud of the journey he has been through and also the efforts he has shown.

Blecious Geofrey Godfrey

Blecious is in 9 years old. He has been brought up by a single mother, his father died few years ago. His mother does small businesses which is not enough to pay all his school expenses. Lomo Tanzania Safari and Lomo Foundation has been supporting him since standard 1 and now he is in standard 4 at Nariva Hill Academy.

Since grade three Blecious has been supported by Westwood Auto Spare Parts. Blecious has bigs dreams of being a pilot, Lomo Foundation and Westwood Auto Spare Parts are excited to be part of his bright future.


Brian was in his last term of form four at Engarenarok Tetra Secondary school. He went through challenges in his family, he was facing difficulties paying school fees and supporting himself with other school expenses. The situations forced him to live in an orphanage, work petty jobs to find school fees. He was then suspended from school and only allowed to go back to school during national examinations. Out of his efforts, he started extra classes to prepare himself for the final examinations at Kaloleni.

He engaged himself with different jobs like selling groundnuts, making bricks and unblocking sewage systems so as to get money for extra studies, but he was unable to pay for the fees because the wages he received was not enough. Brian also had low sugar diabetes which required special diet and attention. During this time he met the director of Lomo Tanzania Safari and his wife, he was then supported with tuition fees and acquiring special diet until he completed national examination. Brian is now reunited with his family.


Laurence is a form four student at Marangu Sec. School. He is a smart young boy with great potentials. We have been supporting Laurence since he was in for three, he has shown great efforts in his studies since then. His dream is to become a successful business man.  Laurence is also part of Westwood Auto Spare Parts sponsorship.


Peris is a form six student at Enaboishu Secondary school. She joined our program at a second term of form 5. Peris has dreams of helping people who are oppressed in the society through law especially women. Lomo Tanzania Safari and Lomo Foundation are happy to support her to the blossoming path of her carrier.


HeavenLight is a young, bright, beautiful girl of 9 years old. She is in standard four at Ilboru Lutheran Primary school. As her name is, she has a bright future ahead and Lomo Tanzania Safari through Lomo Foundation is taking part in the foundation of her amazing journey.


Sarah is a grade four student at Kimana Leadership Academy in Kenya. She is the first student in our program to receive an international scholarship. She has growing leadership abilities which need to be natured to fruition. To bring forth her leadership skills Lomo Tanzania Safari through Lomo Foundation is supporting her to unlock the hidden potentials.


Isack is a student at Tropical Centre Institute, a tourism and tour guiding college in Arusha, he is in his last year. He has been supported by Lomo Tanzania Safari through Lomo Foundation since he started his first year. His dream is to become the best tour guide but currently he is working a transfer guide from and to the Airport.


Immanuel has a dream of becoming the best tour guide who speaks different languages. To support his journey of achieving his goal Lomo Tanzania Safari through Lomo Foundation supported him to learn Italian, which has added a value to his carrier goals.


Was born in Singida, she was a twin to her sister. She finished standard four in 2014 and came to Arusha to do domestic work, since her father told her he could not pay for her school fees. He then met the director of Lomo Tanzania Safari and his wife and was supported in her secondary education. Unfortunately, she could not finish her secondary education, she went back to her home town and got married.

School Libraries

At LOMO, we believe that having access to literature materials and text books allows students to be successful in their studies and in their lives!

Supplies and Food

We support a local orphanage through provisions of necessary food and household items.
A Letter

From Our Founder

My name is Erasto Ammi Gurty, I was born and raised on the base of Ngorongoro Highland.

I was the 6th from the family of 8 children with four boys and four girls. I am coming from the humble family, my father being subsistence farmer and a night watchman at one of the farmers association Store where they store crops. My father was paid Tsh 30,000 per month which is equal to USD 15.

I started primary school at the age of 11 years. I was taking care of goats, sheep and few cows and there was no one to take care of these domestic animals. I was the tallest in the class and was chosen to be a class monitor. I was a good leader, because I was older, stronger and taller than everyone else in the class.

All my siblings and I were depending on this USD 15 to pay for the school fees, uniform, stationeries and food at home.

Different people supported us with our education.

It was not easy but we managed to complete secondary school. 

When I completed High school in 1999 I was able to find a job at one of the lodge in Tarangire as a waiter because I could speak good English. This is where I met Arney Kovin who is from America.

I have always wanted to be a guide and wanted to go study wildlife behavior in any college because I did not have any choice. But Arney Kovin set aside a foundation to raise money so that I could go study at one of the International College in Kilimanjaro by the name of Mweka Wildlife Management College.

I was privileged. I completed in 2003, two years Diploma Course.

One day I thanked Arney for his big support and a good heart for supporting me with education.

I told him that there was no way I could pay him back. He told me, “Erasto, Pay forward to those in need”.

Then a search for a job began and I was lucky to get a job in one of the Luxury Company in Serengeti and worked there for 12 years until one day I met two friends, a husband and wife Gerard and Sandra Rook.

These people changed my life completely to a person I am today.

With all these blessing in my life I decided to have a company that will impact the lives of those in need just like me during my school life.

Then Gerard and Sandra and I opened a Safari company by the name LOMO Tanzania Safari Ltd.

LOMO means Less on Ourselves, More on Others.  In this way when guests travel with us we set aside 5 percent to LOMO Charitable Foundation so that someone can go to school.

Education is Power!